Created in God's image.

Genesis 1:27


Students in kindergarten through 5th grade have a unique educational program with an emphasis in "learning by doing." Simply put, our students experience their learning through hands on projects.



Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 3:00 pm

$590/mo (10 months) = $5900

** full day kindergarten

Director: Mrs. Allison Smallwood | email

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In our  FULL DAY kindergarten program, your child builds upon previous learning, including emergent reading, writing and math skills within small group instruction (12:1 ratio). Nothing prepares your child for success in elementary school like a strong kindergarten experience where your child expresses a new-found confidence and a joy for learning. Enroll Now!

1st - 5th

What a thrill it is when your child wants to explain how a math problem is solved or how history has impacted our future. Your child will be immersed in many different scholastic materials. Find out how your child prepares to be a successful, well-rounded individual ready for the world. 

We believe that some students learn by lecture, some by writing, and some by repetition. However, all students learn by being involved in their learning.
- Mr. Balk,
Executive Pastor and Head of School
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Office: 925-682-5918 | 2120 Olivera Ct. Concord, CA 94520